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Roger's World; A Guest Curator Project at artdc Gallery

Reception: Saturday, October 11, 2014 7-9:30pm

Who: artdc Gallery
What: Roger’s World; A Guest Curator Project.
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: October 5, 2014 – November 8, 2014

Guest Curator: Roger Cutler

Artists are rarely asked to observe themselves as an editor or curator would. They decide what makes successful work based on a limited set of parameters. This month, guest curator Roger Cutler decided to take advantage of this fact and asked artists to showcase their work without providing them a theme or structure as one frequently finds in group shows. By setting this “system" in motion the artists were faced with a decision regarding their work; They had to decide what constituted acceptable work for them, both as stand alone artworks and as works that represent who and what they are as creators.

If you don’t know Roger Cutler, you may not be getting out in the art scene enough. Roger is an artist who surrounds himself with creative individuals. From building dinosaurs and structures out of wire to casting metal, he is about the process and the system of art and he loves to tinker with everything. His spirit reminds us of why we wanted to make art to begin with. This show is a collaborative vision of the creative and conceptual decision making process that all artists face. Simply put, the artist is now the curator, and these works are indicative of that idea. As a result, the show as a whole is representative of a curiosity and appreciation for setting a system in motion that brought together work that is at the same time disconnected yet fully connected by the the ideas that are made possible in few other places than Roger’s World. With a special thanks to Thomas Petzwinkler for his curatorial insight.

Why Roger? Because we said so.

Ed Bisese 
Elsabe Dixon - @ElsabeDixon
Jessica van Brakle 
Julia Bloom 
Kelly Carr - @kellycarr8888
Kest Schwartzman 
Michael Auger - @Arty4ever
Michele Colburn 
Nikki Brugnoli 
Pete Petrine - @petepetrine
Roger Cutler 
Sarah Noble - @intrplnetsarah
Thomas Petzwinkler - @tpetzwin
Wayson R. Jones - @waysonj